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Change this direct speech into reported speech.


1. "He works in a bank"

She said

2. "We went out last night"

She told me

3. "I'm coming!"

She said

4. "I was waiting for the bus when he arrived"

She told me

5. "I'd never been there before"

She said

6. "I hadn't travelled by underground before I came to London"

She said

7. "They would help if they could"

She said

8. "I'll do the washing-up later"

She told me

9. "He could read when he was three"

She said

10. "I was sleeping when Julie called"

She said


1. He asked me, "Can I take a photo?"

He wondered

2. Joanne asked me, "Where did you buy that dress?"

Joanne asked me

3. I wanted to know, "Where is the IT department?"

I wanted to know

4. Denny asked me, "When are you leaving?"

Denny asked me

5. Linda asked her teacher, "When will you give us the results?"

Linda asked her teacher

6. Mom asked her, "How often do you look at your phone?"

Mom wanted to know

7. Ashley asked me, "Who are you going to the ball with?"

Ashley asked me

8. He asked me, "How many people have you invited to the party?"

He wanted to know

9. John asked him, "Where should we put the new equipment?"

John asked him

10. I asked Dad, "Are you going to the U.S.?"

I wanted to know

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