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Số câu hỏi: 1

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Câu hỏi 1 (49 điểm):


Câu 1: ... do I leave my house so early. 

A. Not until

B. Seldom

C. Only when

D. No sooner

=> B

Câu 2: ... do people appreciate this musician's talent.

A. Not until

B. Not sooner

C. In any time

D. Rarely 


Câu 3: ... would we understand what had happened that night. 

A. Only when

B. Only later

C. Only by

D. Only if 


Câu 4: Nowhere ... such rude people before. 

A. has they met

B. have they meet

C. had they met

D. they had met 


Câu 5: ... did he understand about the situation. 

A. Only when

B. Only after

C. By no condition

D. Little 


Câu 6: On no account ... the children go on their own. 

A. was

B. should

C. are

D. be 


Câu 7: ... that I was speaking to someone as important as Professor Sims. 

A. Little has I known

B. Little did I know

C. Little I knew

D. I knew little 


Câu 8: In no way ... question his honesty, although I think that he made some wrong decisions.

A. did I ever

B. I ever did 

C. had I ever

D. I had ever 


Câu 9: Hardly ... we were told that it would soon be time for lunch. 

A. we had finished breakfast that

B. had we finished breakfast that

C. had we finished breakfast when

 D. we had finished breakfast when 


Câu 10: At no time before I accepted the job ... that I would have to do so much travelling around the country.

A. did they told

B. I was told

C. did I tell

D. was I told 


Câu 11: Never before ... so happy. 

A. had she been

B. were she

C. does she

D. she had been 


Câu 12: Never ... such nonsense! 

A. am I to hear

B.I hear

C. was I heard

D. have I heard 


Câu 13: Never ... in my life such a mess. 

A. were I seen

B. has I seen

C. have I seen

D. I saw 


Câu 14: ... have our profits been as high as they are this year. 

A. Only before

C. In any time

B. Never

D. By no condition 


Câu 15: Never again ... her own judgment when buying antique. 

A. would she trust

B. she will trust

C. she would have trusted

D. did she trusted


Câu 16: Never before ... on such a sumptuous celebration.

A. did the firm laid

B. the firm laid

C. will the firm lay

D. had the firm laid 


Câu 17: ... have I come across such a horrifying film. 

A. Only ago

B. Never

C. Any longer

D. Not till 


Câu 18: Never ... by a Shakespeare production.

A. have I been so moved

B. have I been such moved

C. were I been so moved

D. I have been so moved 


Câu 19: Not for one moment ... the consequences would be so far reaching.

A. did I thought

B. I thought

C. did I think

D. has I thought 


Câu 20: ... had I tasted such a wonderful combination of flavours. 

A.Only by

B.Only after

C.Never before

D.Not until 


Câu 21: ... can Keith be held responsible for the accident. 

A.Only if

B.Only ago

C.By no condition

D.In no way 


Câu 22: In no way ... to blame for the disaster. 

A. are the themselves children

B. are the children themselves

C. has the children themselves

D. was the children themselves 


Câu 23: In no way ... confirmed by the report. 

A. should the existence of extraterrestrial life

B. will the existence of extraterrestrial life

C. is the existence of extraterrestrial life

D. have the existence of extraterrestrial life 


Câu 24:At no time ... how to operate the machine.

A.  did I shown

B. was I to shown

C. was I shown

D. has I shown 


Câu 25: At no time ... that he was a witch. 

A. he suspect

B. was he suspect

C. did he suspect

D. he suspected 


Câu 26: At no time ... in a state of change. 

A. has the English language not been

B. has the English language to be

C. have the English language not been

D. the English language not been 


Câu 27: ... will Miss Weaver be offered the job 

A. Any longer

B. Never even

C. Under no circumstances

D. With no reason 


Câu 28: Under no circumstances ... money to us by post. 

A. you send

B. should you send

C. you sent

D. had you send 


Câu 29:Under no circumstance ... tickets. 

A. are we exchange

B. can we exchange

C. had we exchange

D. we exchange 


Câu 30: On no account ... all that way to visit him again. 

A. has I gone

B. will I go

C. I go

D. will I to go 


Câu 31: ... is he your friend, but he's mine too. 

A. Any longer

B. Not only

C. With no reason

D. No matter where 


Câu 32: Not only ... tickets for the afternoon performance but he also booked for the evening performance as well.

A. he book

B. did he book

C. did he booked

D. have he booked 


Câu 33: Not only ... a thousand pounds' worth of electrical goods, they also left the flat in an awful mess.

A. did the burglars stole

B. did the burglars steal

C. have the burglars stole

D. had the burglars stole 


Câu 34: ... was Tom late, but he had left all his books behind. 

A. At any time

B. Only before

C. It is not until

D. Not only


Câu 35: Not only ... your posture but you will also improve your acting ability on this course.

A. will you enhanced

B. will you enhance

C. are you enhance

D. have you enhance 


Câu 36: Not for one moment ... his suggestion. 

A. is it worth considering

B. did it worth considering

C. is it worth consider

D. were it worth considering 


Câu 37: Not a tear ... when the story ended in tragedy. 

A. was she shed

B. did she shedded

C. did she shed

D. she shed 


Câu 38: ... did the manager offer an apology.

A. It is not until

B. Not once

C. Only ago

D. Only if 


Câu 39: Not a sound ... as she crept upstairs.

A. did she make

B. did she made

C. was she make

D. have she made 


Câu 40: Not until ... did he think about having a holiday abroad.

A. did he retired

B.he retired 

C.did he retire

D.he retires 


Câu 41: ... I got home did I realize how dangerous the situation had been. 

A. Only later

B. Only when

C. Only then

D. Only by 


Câu 42: ... that did the Agriculture Minister admit defeat. 

A. Only later

B. Only when

C. Only after

D. Hardly 


Câu 43: Only after seeing Hamlet on the stage ... it. 

A. have I understand

B. was I understand

C. did I understanded

D. did I understand 


Câu 44: ... they had finished eating did they get round to business. 

A.Only later

B.Only in

C.Only after

D.Only by 


Câu 45: Only after they waited for twelve hours ...

A. did their flight leave

B. did their flight left

C. their flight leave

D. their flight left 


Câu 46: Only after that ... who she was. 

A. have I realize

B. did I realize

C. did I realized

D. I realize 


Câu 47: ... using force could the door be opened. 

A. Only later

B. Only in that way

C. Only by

D. Only once


Câu 48: Only when ... did I agree.

A. did Tom apologized

B. Tom apologized

C. did Tom apologize

D. Tom apologizes 


Câu 49: Only when you buy all twelve books at the same time ... the 40% discount.

A. will you get

B. can you get

C. are you get

D. A&B 


Câu 50: ... training hard can you become a good athlete

A. Not only

B. Only later

C. Only by

D. Not until


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